Matches Edit

Match 1 3 on 2 Handicapped Match

Heath Slater, Drew Mcyntire, & Florida Man vs Jaidon & Dylan

Match 2 Fatal 4 Way

Jasmine vs Taegan vs Brie Bella vs Paige

Match 3 One on One Match

Ryback vs Kane

Match 4 Winner Faces Winner of Match 3 For Intercontinental Championship

Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho vs Tensai vs Isaac

Match 5 Winning Team Goes against Each Other For World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns & Undertaker vs Daniel Bryan & Big Show

Match Results Edit

Match 1 Heath Drewman Wins! They Were in control until Jaidon went top rope, and almost hit a rollup on Florida Man. Drew Mcyntire blindsided Dylan and Distracted Jaidon, when Heath Hit his finisher and pinned and beat the tag team.

Match 2 Taegan Wins!

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